The irreversible, repeatable password generator.

Everyone is sick of password rules and because of this, litpass allows you to use any password you want. We take your little password, such as "tree", and we convert it to something strong such as "!&PXb7@6@#2-Cah".

litpass takes five parameters: domain, password, length, salt, and specials. Here's an example:^-litpass-^&specials=15

The above example will produce the following output:
{"litpass version":"0.0","password":"Xud4Kc#7bf>D7#al","help file":"","basic syntax":"", "daily count":"1"}

Notice the password field showing "Xud4Kc#7bf>D7#al". This is a very strong password and it's repeatable as long as you use the exact same parameters. BTW, litpass will never store your password but we recommend that you hash your parameters anyway. Here's an example with the same parameters but hashed using SHA-384:

Notice the new result:
{"litpass version":"0.0","password":"v$5RjN3cdaajcn5A","help file":"","basic syntax":"","daily count":"1"}

Parameter Descriptions

Note that you can certainly access this API directly with a web browser however the litpass experience is best when used via a plugin or with direct implementation. Search "litpass" at github for open source project examples. Also note that our API is currently limited to 100 uses per day, per IP address.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and protection are important to us. This is one of the reasons we developed LitPass. It protects you from nefarious and ignorant administrators.

We only store your IP address and hit count so we can limit your daily requests and tally how often our API is used. The cumulative tally (which doesn't include your IP) may be shared with others. This would show as a total hit count for the API and includes absolutely no details about you. We don't store or share anything else.

We obtain your IP address via the HTTP request that's made to our website and we store it in a secure database stored on a secure server. Your IP address is deleted from our database every day. We only store it to count how many times you've made a request to our website within a set 24hr period. If you've reached your access limit for the 24hr period, simply wait until the next day to continue using our services.

Note that our apps do not contain ads.

We don't use cookies.

We put forth a maximum effort to protect our data and your data (your IP address). We utilize services which inform us of security vulnerabilities and we handle them immediately.

We exclude no one from our services. If you have suggestions for improving our accessibility, please contact us.

The content and content generators provided as services from us are copyrighted. Do not duplicate. An attempt to duplicate our password generator or concept will result in legal action.

You are welcome to use our generated passwords as password replacements whereever you need.

Note that our documentation may change at any time.

For questions, please contact Aaron at

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